PMLP's Management Team

PMLP's 125th Anniversary Award Presentation in June 2016

PMLP Management, Commission, and State Representatives accepting our 125th Anniversary Award from the Commonwealth.

Your Light Plant Leaders

Peabody's Municipal Light Plant's personnel and management team is over 70 strong. Meet our leaders.


PMLP's Manager, Glenn Trueira, has full responsibility for the operation and management of the Peabody Municipal Light Plant under the direction of the Peabody Municipal Lighting Commission.

Our Manager is required to be on call 24/7 to address and respond to regular light plant business and emergency situations.

Among many other things, our Manager provides leadership, motivation, and direction to Staff. He determines work priorities and assignments, coordinates Staff activities, and establishes operating policies and procedures.  He also performs all hiring, terminating and promoting of employees.


PMLP's Supervisor of Electrical Distribution, Philip Rohn, is under the general supervision of the Manager or Assistant Manager. He is responsible for planning, designing, coordinating, scheduling and supervising the construction, maintenance and operation of the transmission, distribution and metering systems of our utility.

Our Supervisor of Electrical Distribution is also responsible for the efficient operation of PMLP's Distribution Division. He prepares and administers the Distribution Division's budget and action plans, among many other related duties and maintains and enforces a complete and comprehensive safety program, including working policies and procedures.

He serves on-call 24 hours a day to address emergency situations involving all distribution, transmission, and metering facilities. Many times during unusual conditions, he performs emergency repair work.


PMLP’s Community Relations Manager, Jennifer Santoro, administers, directs and supervises PMLP's Community Energy Services Program, all energy conservation projects, Federal and State Grant Programs and all departmental publications.

She is directed by the Manager and assists him in the administration of various community-related programs and communications including customer and employee newsletters.

Among her many other duties, Jenn organizes and administers programs for educating the public on Community Improvement Projects; conducts group presentations and seminars; acts as a liaison with other departments, agencies and interested groups to provide information, statistics, technical data and exhibits to individuals and groups; is responsible for all Federal and State Grant Applications and more. She is also PMLP's Media Liaison, preparing press releases and related materials, as well as occasionally acting as spokesperson on behalf of the Manager.


PMLP's Business Manager, Karen Repucci, is responsible for the overall financial management of our utility. She oversees everything from our strategic financial planning to continuous internal auditing of all funds and much more.

Karen plans, designs, organizes, coordinates, schedules, supervises and directs the operations of PMLP's Business Division. Her primary areas of responsibility are Accounting and Finance, Customer Service, Data Processing, Inventory Control and Buildings and Grounds.


PMLP's Information Technology Manager, Joseph Anastasi, plans, directs and manages our IT Department in order to ensure the development and implementation of cost-effective systems and efficient computer operations that meet current and future decision-making requirements.

Our Information Technology Manager also provides company-wide vision and direction as to the application of technology systems within the PMLP, while helping to lead and define the corporate IT Strategy to align with business and operational objectives of the company, as well as the corporate mission statement to provide safe, reliable electricity and high quality service at the lowest possible rates.


PMLP's Environmental Coordinator, Anthony Makovitch, is responsible for developing, implementing and overseeing environmental policies and programs that minimize PMLP’s environmental-related risk and liability and ensure compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local environmental regulations and requirements.

The primary objective of our Environmental Coordinator is to ensure that PMLP is in complete compliance with all environmental regulatory requirements in all of its activities at all facilities. He is under the direction of the General Manager and Assistant Manager.

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