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Peabody's Veteran's memorial High School - Home of The Tanners

Veteran's Memorial High School—proud home of the Tanners.

Our Board and Its Elected Members

At the top of the organization are the ratepayers of Peabody, who elect the Peabody Municipal Lighting Commission (PMLC), a five member policy-making board.

Commissioners serve six year terms, and hold public meetings at 6:30 PM on the fourth Thursday of each month during the school year, with the exception of November and December, when meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of the month. PMLC meetings are held in PMLP’s McCarthy Auditorium.

Meet PMLP's Commissioners.

Thomas M. D'Amato photo
THOMAS M. D'AMATO, Chairman  (2002-present)


Lighting Commissioner Thomas M. D'Amato has been an elected member of your light plant's Commission for well over a decade.

He was Chairman of the PMLC in 2004, 2009 and 2013, and served as Vice Chairman in 2008, 2012 and 2016-present. He's a graduate of Bowdoin College.

His heart and life are deeply connected to the Peabody community. Tom is even a Peabody Veterans Memorial High School Hall of Famer! Go Tanners!

Thomas J. Paras photo
THOMAS J. PARAS, Secretary (2004-present)


Born and raised in Peabody, Mr. Paras is a United States Navy Veteran, and did 2 tours in Vietnam as a Seabee.

He followed his father, James "Tex" Paras, into the electrical field, and now as a PMLP Light Commissioner.

Commissioner Paras is the President of Paras Electric in Peabody.

He greatly enjoys community involvement and belongs to many local clubs and service organizations in the local area. Giving back is a priority for Tom.

Charles W. Bonfanti photo
CHARLES W. BONFANTI (2010-present)


Commissioner Charles W. Bonfanti is a former employee of PMLP. He retired in 1999.

He's now an active member of the PMLC with very valuable perspectives and keen insights, since he was a member of our team and experienced the inner workings of our utility first-hand.

As well as being a Commission member, Mr. Bonfanti has served as Lighting Commission Secretary in 2012 and Vice Chairman in 2013.

William C. Aylward photo
WILLIAM C. AYLWARD, Vice Chair (2012-present)


Being a PMLP Lighting Commissioner, and in a position to serve his community and hometown is the fulfillment of a dream for William Aylward.

Bill's been on the Commission since 2012, and has led as Chairman of the PMLC in 2014. He is currently Secretary of the PMLC.

When Bill is not performing his Lighting Commission duties, he is the head chef at Burton's Grill in Peabody.

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