Environmental Policy

Peabody Institute Library West Branch

The West Branch of Peabody Institute Library.

Our Commitment

Peabody Municipal Light Plant is committed to the protection of our environment and to the welfare and safeguarding of our community. We will provide our customers with economical, safe, and reliable energy in an environmentally-responsible manner. We will comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and will implement procedures and programs to ensure compliance. We will communicate our environmental policy, goals, and objectives and provide environmental education and training to our employees, suppliers, customers and community. We will strive to reduce the amount of waste we generate. And we will commit to and implement a process of continual development.

PMLP's 2015 Energy Resource Portfolio by Fuel Type

Nuclear - 138,792,197 kWh
Hydro - 29,010,275 kWh
Gas/Oil - 38,570,272 kWh
Wind/Solar - 8,983,237 kWh
System Power (Hedged) - 235,786,300 kWh
System Power (Spot Market) - 71,188,160 kWh
Total = 522,330,441 kWh
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