- PMLP's Decarbonization Roadmap

PMLP's 2050 Decarbonization Roadmap

Our Commitment

Within the power industry, PMLP has been a committed leader in environmental awareness for over 40 years. There’s no reason to stop or slow down now. In fact, in recent years, humanity has become more aware of the effect of emissions than ever. So if anything, it’s time to ramp up our efforts and meet these environmental concerns with equal doses of hope, determination and reason. Hope will provide us with our goals. It defines where we want to be. Reason will temper those goals with what’s possible, while still being affordable and reliable. Whereas Hope and Reason can be at odds with each other, Determination will be the deciding factor. And it is with this that PMLP offers our pledge. We don’t yet know what the future will bring, but PMLP will be ever vigilant in making decisions for our customers that meet our mission statement of providing safe, reliable electricity at affordable rates, while being environmentally sustainable.

We ask that you, our customers help us along this path. It’s a constant balancing act to determine the best way to meet all 4 crucial pillars of our Mission Statement. Our track record proves that we’ve been doing something right. We’re already ahead of the curve on our path to 2050 (42% net-zero), by 2030 (59% net-zero), and all while having SOME OF THE LOWEST RATES IN MASSACHUSETTS! This is our commitment. And this is our path. We will always strive to have high-quality, reliable service at extremely low rates. And likewise, we will continue our path toward 100% net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. We believe we’ll be ahead of that game, as we are now. And we pledge to keep you aware of each project as it becomes available to us.

Carbon Free

Diversity in our power supply increases our carbon-free %

Power Supply Impact to Carbon-free % Start of Purchasing Our Total Carbon-free %
Niagara NYPA 4%


Millstone Nuclear 6%


Seabrook Nuclear 22%


Berkshire Wind Ph. I 1%


Eagle Creek Hydro 2%


Hancock Wind 3%


Berkshire Wind Ph. II 1%


HydroQuebec 3%


MSgt. Cotton Solar 1%


Project 2023A Nuclear (est.) 16%
  • Federally-licensed hydro plant in NY.
  • Nuclear facility in Waterford, CT.
  • Nuclear facility in Seabrook, NH.
  • Ten (10) 1.5 MW wind turbines on Brodie Mountain in Hancock, MA. Was the State’s largest wind farm at time of construction.
  • Energy contracts for hydro power from five (5) hydro-electric generators in NH.
  • A seventeen (17) turbine wind project in Hancock County, Maine.
  • Addition of two (2) 2.3 MW wind turbines adjacent to the original Berkshire Wind project.
  • Imports of hydro energy from southern Quebec where there exists a significant amount of hydro capacity (37 GW).
  • 10.3 MW solar farm located in Ludlow, MA named in honor of Air Force Master Sergeant Alexander J. Cotton.
  • Seabrook Nuclear Carbon-free energy contract.
  • 50% carbon-free
  • 75% carbon-free
  • 100% carbon-free
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